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What does the twilight phenomenon mean on Jupiter?

NASA has revealed the phenomenon of auroras on Jupiter caused by charged particles From its volcanic moon IoBut what does this mean, and what is the twilight, this is what we monitor, according to what was reported by the British newspaper “Daily Mail”. The origins of the bright blue aurora revealed by the Juno spacecraft Of NASA, which is currently studying the planet from orbit.

These transient displays of light develop in a manner similar to “polar storms” that ripple across the Earth’s polar sky, and the planet generates magnetic fields that capture charged particles that interact with its magnetic field to produce displays of bright lights, which are called “auroras.”

The lights that make up Jupiter’s storm do not match the patterns of the solar wind, leading researchers to realize that most of them are inhabited by charged particles from the moon. Io.


These particles are ionized and trapped around the gaseous giant planet by its magnetic field, creating an early morning light show around the polar regions.

These storms were first detected by Hubble’s faint object camera in 1994, andThey consist of Jupiter’s main auroral brightness.

These storms are a rectangular blanket of light surrounding the poles, near where the atmosphere emerges from darkness in the early morning area.

New results from Juneau’s ultraviolet spectrometer showed the birth of this strange transient aurora that sparkles over the giant polar regions of the world.



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