The Window Girl series, Episode 21, with full subtitles, HD

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Watch the Turkish drama and action series, Girl of the Window, Season 1, Episode 21, with Arabic subtitles, in HD quality. Watch without downloading the Girl of the Window series, episode 21, online, on YouTube, on more than one server, exclusively on Arab Sayed’s video.

The story of the series window girl

The events of the series revolve around the character of a young woman named Nalan, who marries the “women” of the rich businessman who works in his company. Khairy, with whom she falls in love and lives in a relationship that lasts for seven years, ending with the death of Khairy, so that Nalan, who tried to commit suicide, begins reviewing psychological treatment and tells her her secrets and fears.

Heroes of the window girl series

Ahmet Koral – Pelin Karahan – Serkan Çayoğlu – Gulbert Ozdemir

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