18: Two candidates are running for the presidency in Syria
The number of candidates for the presidential elections in Syria has reached 18, including three women and a Kurd, and these candidates seek to compete with the current President Bashar al-Assad for the presidency in the elections that will be held late next month. Adolf Hitler, the German Nazi leader, has cost humanity more than fifty million dead and their weakness among the wounded It was obstructed and lost, the demise of cities from the face of the earth, a change in the maps of continents and countries forever, and the emergence of two poles of the conflict after the end of World War II in 1945, later called the eastern camp led by the Russians (the Soviet Union at the time) and the Western camp led by the United States of America .. Hitler, as confirmed. Most historians and some of his contemporaries said that he was very natural and humble, and in his last years he fell in love with a woman named Eva Brown who remained with him until his last day on April 30, 1945 (according to most accounts) when he first decided to marry his mistress and then ordered her to kill his dog and throw bullets on her head, and he committed suicide. After that, he was cremated and his body and the body of his lover and their dog were buried in an unknown location, as the last soldiers who were with him recommended! The Russians entered Berlin and raised their red flag over the Reichtach (German headquarters) on the exact next day, i.e. on the first of May, combining their entry into Berlin and defeating Nazism in conjunction with their celebration of International Labor Day, which is the memory that the Communists celebrate as a symbol of victory for their beliefs .. Hitler, the criminal Nazi The sadist was hoping that his end would not be at the hands of the Russians, so since 1941 he has tried to attack the Soviet Union and occupy it despite the warnings of most of its advisers and military commanders, because fighting with the Russians means ending the Nazi doctrine and pre-empting them, whatever the losses that cost them .. The Russian doctrine was, is and will remain, does not believe By defeat, but rather sets victory as its goal, even if the entire Russian people were eliminated and nothing remained in Moscow except the Kremlin (the Russian presidential palace), and the fighting in Russia was only good for the Russians, and they reminded him of Napoleon’s defeat decades before him, but he did not take care of them .. and the Russians believed that they are a strong country that must be equal in influence. On world politics, like the Americans, the British, the French, and the Chinese, they made atomic bombs like their American enemies, an arsenal of weapons, fleets, and a desire and lust to interfere in the politics of some countries. Passed by heredity from Joseph Stalin, the Communist leader who led Russia in World War II, to Vladimir Putin, the faithful Orthodox Russian president! The Russians waited a lot since their Soviet state disintegrated and lost Ukraine, Georgia, Belarus and the Baltic Sea countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Central Asian countries such as Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Tajikistan and others, which prompted the Russians to radically reconsider their policy, especially after death removed the head of real change Boris Yeltsin and the rise of young political faces like Putin, the Communist Party. Former and archaic intelligence officer! Putin did not mind participating in a Russian singing program in order to gain wider popularity .. and he never objected to the brutal and brutal intervention to exterminate the Syrian people, kill, displace and starve millions of children, women and elderly people under the pretext of fighting terrorism and liberating Syria. The truth is that his participation in a failed acting scene, his hero is waiting for his cheerleaders in a role Heroism and appearing before the Russians that he is their great leader and worthy of equality with Lenin, Stalin, Khrushchev and Brezhnev, so he ordered his magnetized soldier Lavrov (Foreign Minister) to randomly object to all United Nations and Security Council decisions and to prevent any real gesture of a peaceful solution satisfactory to all parties .. Putin was not only wrong, but it will cost his mistake. The future of the Russian people and Russia’s isolation from the international community soon .. Putin mortgages his future to the future of an unjust, foolish and sick ruler, Bashar al-Assad, to run again for the presidency of Syria, who is the nineteenth president of Syria and the fifth in the history of the Syrian Arab Republic to rule since July 17, 2000 .. And it is the same mistake When Hitler did not hear anyone’s advice, he was buried with his dog burned .. And here is the new Russian Hitler, who is leading the world to an abyss confirmed by his defense of a vanquished vanity that inevitably must end as End of all tyrants … and to God …. Command

Khaled Al-Qurra Gholi


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