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The Ministry of Culture releases the song “The March continues” to celebrate the centenary of the Jordanian state … Video

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Jordanian state, the Jordanian Ministry of Culture, in cooperation with Orange Jordan, launched the song “The march continues, composed and sung by“ The Voice of Jordan, the artist Omar Al-Abdallat, ”written by the Jordanian poet Hussein Al-Gharaybeh, Dr. Ayman Abdullah.

The Ministry of Culture said that the work comes on an occasion dear to Jordanians, which is the celebration of the centenary of the state, and reflects the joy of Jordanians and their confidence in the successful Hashemite march and its achievements.

In addition, Orange Jordan said in a press release that cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and the voice of Jordan, artist Omar Al-Abdallat, comes in the context of celebrating a national occasion, and it means a lot to all Jordanians, stressing its keenness to participate in national events that are part of the company’s various activities to participate in the national centenary celebrations, Proudly recalling the achievements made by the Kingdom at all levels.


Al-Abdallat expressed his pride in presenting a noble artistic message and contributing to every national achievement befitting Jordan, Jordanians and the Hashemite leadership, adding that this song is the result of successful cooperation with the Jordanian Ministry of Culture and Orange Jordan Telecom Company to present a noble artistic message and contribute to every national achievement.

It is noteworthy that the video-clip work, directed by the Jordanian director Taqi Saadeh, was shown on Omar Al-Abdallat’s YouTube channel, in addition to all the music libraries specialized in displaying songs, satellite channels, Jordanian radio and social networking sites.


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