Prestige Series 5 – Jabal Episode 29, full HD

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Watch the Lebanese Action and Thriller series Al-Hiba, Part V, Episode 29, the twenty-ninth in high definition, watch without downloading the Al-Hiba series, Season Five, Jabal Episode 29, online, in full, YouTube, exclusively on the Arab Sayed video site.

Watch the series Al-Haiba 5 (Jabal) HD online – Al-Haiba 5 Jabal

The story of the prestige series 5

The story of the fifth season of the Prestige series revolves around the series’ hero, Jabal, discovering a plan to transform the water dam, whose bounties enjoy prestige, into the most dangerous smuggling outlet known to the borders, which puts him in front of a battle in which there is no choice but to confront.

Heroes of the prestige series – Jabal

Taim Hassan – Abdel Moneim Amayri – Emiya Sayah – Mona Wassef – Abdo Shaheen – Saeed Sarhan – Rosina Lathqani – Muhammad Aqel – Hind Khadra – Nazim Issa

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