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Legal complaint accuses former Iraqi prime minister of “crimes against humanity”

On Tuesday, the families of five Iraqis filed a legal complaint in the French capital, Paris, against former Iraqi Prime Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi.

The families accused Abdul Mahdi in the complaint of committing “crimes against humanity, torture and enforced disappearance” during the “October Revolution” demonstrations, according to what a lawyer told AFP.

The judicial complaint was filed with the Public Prosecution Office responsible for combating crimes against humanity in a Paris court, according to attorney Jessica Final.

A statement issued by the lawyer said that the families of these five Iraqis (one of them was critically injured, the second forcibly disappeared, and the other three died) “are relying on the French courts, starting with the recognition of their victims.”


It is noteworthy that, as of October 2019, hundreds of Iraqis demonstrated for months against corruption in a move called the “October Revolution”, in which they were also called upon to provide public services and jobs for the Iraqis.

The attorney explained that, “Although the Iraqi constitution guarantees freedom of expression and assembly, these demonstrations were suppressed from the beginning with tremendous brutality, and then the matter became repetitive and systematic: the firing of live bullets, the spread of snipers, the use of tear gas grenades and the smashing of skulls at close range.”

“The former prime minister did not take the measures that his position authorizes him to take to prevent these crimes, and he deliberately pushed for the establishment of a climate of impunity, which encouraged their recurrence,” Final said.


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