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Google “Meet” for free and the Battle of Fortnite ignites

Washington – Arabs today

Announced Google Inc. Through a tweet on its official account, “WorkSpace” on Twitter, about its permission to extend the free period available to users of the “Google Meet” application for video chats, and according to the new tweet from Google, the application will be available for free use until the end of next June, and 24 hours it has progressed. “Epic Games”, the publisher of the video game “Fortnite”, filed a complaint against “Apple” with the British Competition Authority, accusing it of “monopolistic” behavior. “Epic Games” considered in a statement Tuesday that “Apple’s anti-competitive behavior and its restrictive rules regarding application distribution and payment processing constitute A clear violation of British law. “

Group announced Huawei The telecom giant, on Wednesday, reported that it achieved record profits last year, despite the US sanctions imposed by the Trump administration. The company attributed the decline in revenues to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic and the increase in US pressure that prompted the company to follow new lines in its commercial business to continue. The UAE joined the “Budapest” treaty on international recognition. By depositing microorganisms for the purposes of patent procedures, the UAE has also joined the Strasbourg Agreement on the International Classification of Patents, in line with the UAE’s economic goals for the next 50 years.


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