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Damages you do not expect .. This is what happens inside your body when gas is trapped?

As is known, especially in the Arab and Islamic world, many people resort to confining gases in his body without emptying them due to the embarrassing situations that he may be exposed to, whether he is at work and sitting among his friends or in public places and transportation or in closed meetings or even among his family and his family, and he is forced A lot until it prevents this from happening without declaring the negative impact on your health. Did you know that there is a risk of gas being trapped in your body?

According to health.howstuffworks, holding gas in the body to empty it at the right time and place is absolutely uncomfortable and dangerous to human health, and at its extreme, refusal to pass wind can lead to the formation of so-called diverticula, which are bags in the wall of the colon. . These sinuses can become infected, resulting in a condition called diverticulitis.

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Some researchers have come to the conclusion of cause and effect between gas trapping and the development of diverticulitis. And they emphasized that without the release of gases that accumulate in the body, people with flatulence can suffer from bloating, pain, indigestion and heartburn, so when you prevent yourself from releasing wind, your intestine suffers from an increase in volume due to the decrease in air pressure, which causes harm to it, and to maintain On your gut from undue expansion, the best medicine is to wind as desired.

An estimated 30 million Americans may be affected by diverticulitis, which is especially stressful for the elderly. Forty percent of people age 65 or older, and 60 percent of people age 80 or older, have had the condition. It appears to affect people who live in densely populated areas, as well as the wealthy, at a greater rate.

To mitigate the harmful effects of this bad and harmful habit, take frequent breaks in the bathroom to reduce the pressure of accumulated gas. A diet that avoids gas-producing foods like beans, as well as taking probiotics to help balance stress-causing bacteria in the gut may also help. And if you’re really concerned about offending the people you live with and work with, you can consider underwear that traps those smells.



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