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19 hair care tips

Hair care has become one of the most important aspects of beauty today, whether your hair is oily, dry or normal, here are 19 tips from hair care experts to get healthy and vibrant hair. .

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Natural remedies for hair loss

Onion juice: The sulfur in onion juice helps in hair growth. There isn’t much research on this topic, but a small study did try it on affected people With alopecia areata Which caused patchy hair loss. Half of the people applied onion juice to their scalp twice a day, and …

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Surprising causes of hair loss

1. Take certain medications: Look again into the side effects of the medications you are taking, as they may include hair loss. Some examples of these drugs include blood thinners and common counting drugs rich in vitamin A, steroids or medicines for arthritis and depression, thyroid medications, and heart or …

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