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Algeria: The capital is demonstrating on “Friday 114” of the protest movement | Arab and international news

Thousands of Algerians participated in the “Friday 114” protest movement for the demand for democracy and an end to “violence, injustice and oppression” against activists and the release of prisoners of conscience.

Despite the decrease in the number of demonstrators, the mobilization is still strong with the participation of thousands in a march that started from the Belkour and Bab El-Wad neighborhoods in the capital, as well as from Didush Murad Street, where everyone met, before they moved to Asla Hussein Street, the new center for the gathering since the tightening of the noose on the Central Post Square, the beating heart To the demonstrations since the beginning of the movement in February 2019.

One of the demonstrators carried a banner with the slogan: “Friday 114, stop: violence, injustice and oppression.” With state security, release the detainees. “

“Violence, injustice and repression” is “the summary of the week since last Friday,” the seventeen-year-old, carrying the first banner, explained to “France Press” news agency.


Despite the strong deployment of police officers across the main axes of the capital and in front of government buildings, the demonstrators went quietly chanting slogans of “a civil, not a military state,” and “release prisoners until they fast with us.”

And last Tuesday, the police arrested eight people on charges of writing banners used by the demonstrators, and they are accused of “activity in an unlicensed association that receives funding from a foreign embassy.”

Yesterday, Thursday, the researcher in Islamic affairs, Saeed Jab Al-Khair, was sentenced to three years in prison without being sent to prison for being convicted of “mocking Islam.” He responded by affirming that he would continue his “struggle for freedom of conscience” and that he would appeal the verdict by all legal means.

Regarding the decline in the number of demonstrators since the return of the marches on the second anniversary of the movement on February 22, Abdel Jalil, a secondary education professor, said: “The revolutions are carried out by a small number of people, as in the Algerian revolution. 1962.

Banners appeared against the former colonialist and the French president, Emmanuel Macron, accused by the movement of supporting the president, Abdelmadjid Tebboune, and banners calling for a boycott of French products.


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