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34 injured in a collision on the new Katameya road

Cairo – Egypt today

34 passengers were injured in crash accident A bus in a microbus on the new Katameya-Sokhna road, and ambulances took the injured to the hospital.

It was a room Relief operations Today, Sunday, she received a report from the motorists on the road, and the Road Security Department and Ataqa Police Department moved to the site of the accident.

The inspection reported that a bus carrying license plates number “F and 3193” collided with a microbus car number “SL D 948” at 56 km in the direction of Sokhna, 50 km from Cairo near the Katameya Astronomical Observatory.

Dr. Mohamed Tantawi directed the director of the Suez Ambulance Facility to move 30 ambulances to provide medical insurance and transport the injured from the scene of the accident.


An official source at the Health Directorate in Suez stated that the injured were transferred to the National Bank Hospital, being the closest to the site of the accident, explaining that the injuries varied between serious bleeding and multiple fractures, medium and simple, represented by superficial wounds, fractures of an arm or leg, bruises and abrasions, and the accident did not result in any victims. .

The effects of the accident were removed from the right of the road, to ensure the regularity of traffic, and a report of the incident was filed and the prosecution was notified for investigation.

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